What our listeners are saying...

"One of the finest slices of a Anglo Carribean fusion since The Specials in their prime……artfully mixing in funk and Afrobeat to their deep dub.”

“Human Nature is a masterpiece of an album.”

“Human Nature is a masterpiece of an album.”

“Afro-dub at its most infectious, an energetic burst of musical virtuosity that is both conscious and peppily propulsive.”

“Nothing short of a triumph, which links the UK dub reggae landscape of the 1970s with the world via the global sound exchange of today. You don’t need another reason. Buy this now.”

"With astonishing guest appearances from Johnny Clarke, Michael Prophet and Linval Thompson the standard is high indeed. …arguably the best yet from Soothsayers and is therefore very heartily recommended."

“A deep reggae rhythm section is always a pleasure; so too is an Afro-jazz horn section – put the two together and add some seriously cool singers and some speaker squeezing sonic manipulation and you have a party hit on your hands.”

"One More Reason is a little bit rebel and also very global; lift your spirits and buy this now.”

“One of the finest roots reggae albums in years.”

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